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Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi

Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi was one of the greatest researchers in the field of Islamic culture and art and handicrafts.

Ghada Hijjawi

Introduction to Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi

Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi was one of the greatest researchers in the field of Islamic culture and art and handicrafts. 


She worked as one of the prominent and great researchers in the field of culture and art in the Kuwait National Museum, the Kuwait Museum of Islamic Arts and other cultural centers in this country.

Biography of Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi

Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi was from Kuwait. But her origin was Palestinian. She was very interested in Iranian handicrafts and traditional arts and had traveled to Iran many times. For a period of 7 years, she was the President of the Asia-Pacific Region of the World Handicrafts Council.


Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi holds a PhD in Islamic Art and Architecture from Harvard University. She also completed her postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard University’s Department of Islamic Art.


Dr. Hijjawi played a great role in presenting Islamic art and handicrafts to different countries of the world, especially Europe and America. As a researcher Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi had a great impact in the field of culture and art of Kuwait. 


The World Handicrafts Council has a separate secretariat on each continent. Ms. Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi was the boss of Asia-Pacific Region of the World Handicrafts Council for 7 years. 

Dr Ghada, Islamic culture, handicrafts

Introduction to Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi

This council was established with the aim of educating the people in order to preserve cultural heritage and handicrafts. The council’s duty is to introducing the handicrafts of different countries to the world. 


It also usually provides support for handicrafts that may be destroyed or forgotten. Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi has always believed the current state of handicrafts has the potential to innovate and keep pace with modern trends. 


She believed that by preserving the national identity and some creativity, we could use handicrafts and cultural heritage in areas such as trade and tourism, and thus contribute to human development. Her views and opinions caused us to witness innovations and new programs in this council. Programs that during the short period of her presidency، had a great impact on the growth and development of activities related to handicrafts and tourism. 

Dr. Hijjwi's support for Iranian Cultural Heritage

Dr Ghada, Islamic culture, handicrafts

Since the city of Tabriz can be considered the cradle of Iranian carpet weaving and Tabriz carpet is world famous, Ms. Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi traveled to this beautiful city several times. In addition to carpets, she was also very interested in other handicrafts of Azerbaijan.


She has traveled to Iran many times, especially the city of Tabriz, and was one of the people who made great efforts in choosing the name of the city of Tabriz as the world city of carpets. 


In addition to the city of Tabriz, she made many trips to Shiraz and Malayer. He played a great role in introducing more Iranian handicrafts and Tabriz carpets to the world, especially in Europe and the United States. 

Introduction to Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi

Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi traveled many times to different villages and cities in Iran and had a great impact on the registration of various handicrafts from Iran in the world. 


Her efforts caused the handicrafts of 14 cities and villages of Iran to be introduced to the world. Therefore, she can be named as one of the main supporters of Iranian handicrafts

Coronavirus disease has caused the loss of many scientists, artists and researchers. Unfortunately, Dr Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi died of coronavirus in 2021.


Following the news of her death, the Minister of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts of Iran sent a message of condolence.


Ms. Ghada Hijjawi Qaddumi traveled to develop and advance handicrafts to all parts of Asia, and is undeniable her great efforts in introducing Iranian arts. We cherish the memory of this great researcher and scientist.