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Altin Carpet Tabriz

The company is managed by Mr Mansour Alipour for more than twenty-five years and has been producing handmade carpets.


The company controls domestic and foreign markets and strives to export its products all over the world.


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Handmade carpets are one of the most popular products around the world.

Iran and the city of Tabriz is one of the famous places for producing quality types of handmade carpets.

Altin FarshTabriz Company was established for the first time in 1990.

This company is the largest producer of hand-woven carpets in Tabriz and uses quality raw materials such as wool, cotton, yarn, and silk to produce its products.

Altin Carpet Company uses a highly specialized expert force and dozens in the field of producing different types of carpets. This issue causes the high quality of carpets produced by this company.

The big Handmade carpets company

Investigating the service features of Altin Fars Company in the field of handmade carpet production

Altin Farsh’s customer-centric strategies for the production of handmade carpets

  • This company uses high quality raw materials to produce its products
  • The products of this company have very reasonable and competitive prices.
  • This company delivers orders on time.
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High variety in the field of handmade carpet production

Altin Farsh Company produces high-quality handmade carpets in various numbers. The company can produce carpets from 10 rows to 100 rows.


In addition, this company can make the world’s largest integrated carpet with an area of ​​2000 square meters in 60 rows. In addition, the export of the company’s products all over the world is done without any problems.


This company can enter into contracts with domestic and foreign merchants and produce a variety of orders and deliver them to customers.

Altin Carpet Company uses specialists to produce handmade carpets. One of the trump cards of this company is the use of specialized personnel. Currently, about 180 staff members work in two shifts in this complex.


Each of these people has a high talent and scientific level and is an expert in the production of handmade carpets. Also, about 320 skilled craftsmen are working in other branches of the company. 


In total, about 500 people in Altin Farsh Company produce handmade carpets and deliver amazing products to customers.

Our honors

Altin Carpet Company has won many honors in the field of handmade carpet production. In 2017, the company was able to possess the image of supporting customers’ rights in Iran. 


The company also has the ability to export the most exquisite, beautiful, high quality fluff, and silk carpets with new and updated designs. In addition, the presence of Altin Farsh Company has been effective in recognizing the city of Tabriz as the city of handmade carpet s in the world.

During the visit of the delegation of the World Council of Handicrafts and Tourism, or in other words, the WCC for two consecutive years, in 2015 and 2016, this company has been recognized as the top and highest quality carpet manufacturer in the world. 


These honors have kept this company afloat and made the company still produce quality types of handmade carpet s and transfer them to all over Iran and all over the world.

The best handmade carpets from the distant past until now

Iranian handmade carpet has been one of the most popular and high-quality types of carpets. Tabriz is one of the pioneers in the field of production and export of various types of quality handmade carpets. 



But in addition to Tabriz, Kashan, Mashhad, Qom, and Kerman are also famous for producing handmade rugs. Many companies in the city of Tabriz produce various types of hand rugs. 


As we have introduced to you so far, Altin Farsh Tabriz Company is one of the well-known pioneers in the field of producing Tabriz handmade carpets.

The carpets produced by this company are designed and produced in many different designs and colours and are available to you in modern and traditional types. 


In general, Iranian carpets, especially Tabriz carpets, have very diverse and eye-catching designs and colours. Some of these designs are very famous and have even reached the world record. 


In particular, Tabriz carpets have a great variety of designs and colors, and most carpets produced in Tabriz have a large number of rows and are finely woven. 


This issue has caused the carpets produced by Altin Farsh Tabriz Company to be very beautiful and of high quality in detail.

Investing in the art and history of Iranian carpets

The Iranian handicraft like handmade carpet is a perfect symbol of Iranian art, genius, culture, and originality. The art of carpet weaving has been very popular in Iran since ancient times. 


Over time, this art has been carefully blended with creativity, and taste, and has produced amazing products. The art of Iranian carpet weaving can be defined as a representative of Iranian culture and art. 


The first evidence of the art of carpet weaving in Iran dates back to many years ago. In the distant past, high-quality raw materials and beautiful designs were used to produce carpets.

In the history of Iran, carpet as an exquisite commodity had many fans both inside the country and was exported all over the world. Even in the court of the ancient Persian kings, carpets had a special place and were always used in halls and rooms. 


In addition, Iranian carpets are designed and produced in various types and can cover a wide range of tastes. Each region of Iran produces different types of carpets. 


Carpets in different regions can be woven with different raw materials, with different knots, and with different designs and colours. 


If we want to tell you more precisely, the carpet of each region is a kind of historical booklet for this region, which tells its story from the past to the present and conveys it to the people of today.