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Tabriz carpet

The less we talk about the beauty and uniqueness of Tabriz carpets, the less we have said because you have to feel the carpet by hand

The best way to get to know the Tabriz Carpet

It is useless to talk about the features of the Tabriz carpet because the Tabriz carpet speaks to you in a dumb language! The best way to get to know the Tabriz rug is to touch on the designs that have been embossed on the carpet with the help of the weaver’s hands. However, examining Tabriz’s carpets is not without merit.

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Carpet, the combination of colors and knots

The city of Tabriz is world-famous in many cases. One thing that has made this Turkish city famous is the Tabriz carpet. it is one of the unique handicrafts in the world. Tabriz rug is so famous that The World Crafts Council currently selects Tabriz as the “World City of Carpet Weaving.”

Many reasons have made the Tabriz carpet world famous. All these reasons can be summarized in the unique features of the Tabriz rug. it is woven in different types and designs. They use countless colours. The use of countless colours and beautiful designs makes every eye stare. Tabriz weavers know how to use a combination of colours and knots to make beautiful Tabriz rugs. Today, in Tabriz houses and most houses globally, beautiful Tabriz rugs can be seen. Tabriz rug does not stay on the merchant’s hand in the room, nor is it unloved in the customer’s house.

In the following sections, we will pay more attention to the features of the Tabriz rug. By examining the features of this carpet, your love for it will increase. What do you know about Tabriz rugs?

Features of Tabriz carpet

As mentioned, the popularity and fame of the Tabriz carpet are summarized in its unique features. The characteristics of the Tabriz rug are only specific to this type of carpet and are rarely found in other types of carpets.

Carpet handmade

7 characteristics of the Tabriz rug are as follows:

  1. The most crucial feature of the Tabriz rug that distinguishes it from other carpets is its knots. Tabriz rug is woven with the help of a Turkish knot. If the carpet is not woven with this knot, it is not considered a Tabriz rug.
  2. Tabriz rug has two wefts.
  3. In weaving Tabriz rug, a lot of attention is paid to its design. Tabriz weavers are very skilled in designing beautiful and accurate designs.
  4. Accuracy is paramount in weaving Tabriz carpet The short lint of Tabriz rugs shows the beauty of this product more. Its lint is usually shorter, thinner, and lighter.
  5. The raw materials of Tabriz carpets are mostly made of wool. This wool makes the lint of this carpet a little rougher and not too velvety. Wool is one of the reasons that increase the durability of Tabriz rug has a shelf life of more than 20 to 30 years in standard conditions.
  6. The colors used in Tabriz rugs are often sharp and bold. Color stability is famous in Tabriz rug. Of course, color stability in Tabriz rug is maintained when washed as standard. The variety of colors used in Tabriz rugs is so great that some do not even have names!
  7. One of the new effects in the color of contemporary Tabriz carpets is the use of depth and dimension or perspective in this two-dimensional design, which has given a unique identity to Tabriz rug
Investing in the art and history of Iranian carpets

There are different types of Tabriz carpets. The variety of Tabriz carpets is summarized in their design and sizes. The most important thing that distinguishes different Tabriz carpets types is their designs. By knowing the designs of Tabriz rugs, you can distinguish them from each other.

Types of Tabriz carpets:

  1. Heris Design
  2. Fish Design
  3. Olia Design
  4. Name Design
  5. Gonbad Design
  6. Golestan Design
  7. Khatibi Design
  8. Silk Flowers Design


Which design of Tabriz rugs is your favorite?

Perhaps when it comes to the value of Tabriz, all attention is paid to the monetary value of this product. But you should know that the value of the Tabriz carpet is spiritual, and no number can determine its value. In weaving the Tabriz rug, the weaver spends all his senses, love, and interest to prepare the desired carpet. In addition, Tabriz rug designs are rooted in Tabriz Turks’ rich and original culture. In other words, the Tabriz rug cannot be priced.

Today, the art of carpet weaving is one of the most vibrant industries that has been able to survive to this day. The city of Tabriz itself is one reason that has made the art of carpet weaving last forever.


By reading this article and thinking about Tabriz carpets, you also contribute to the immortality of this art.


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