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What do you know about Iranian handmade carpet?

Iranian handmade carpet is one of the most popular and beautiful handmade carpets that have their fans all over the world.

These carpets have unique features and this has made many people around the world buy them. You may also be wondering what features the best Iranian handmade carpet has.

If you want to know about handmade carpets, join us.

Tabriz carpet

Tabriz carpet is one of the most popular Iranian handmade carpets that has unique features. This carpet has a variety of designs and colours and has an eye-catching and different beauty. These carpets are fine-textured and have their designs.

Qom carpet

Qom silk carpet is another handmade carpet in Iran that has many fans. Qom carpet weavers, weave carpets in a very delicate and artistic way. The famous design that is woven in this city is silk flowers.

Kerman Carpet

Another popular carpet in Iran is the Kerman carpet, which has a long history. Common designs in this rug are usually flowers, leaves, and trees.

Kashan carpet

Kashan carpet is one of the oldest woven carpets in Iran, which uses raw materials such as silk, wool, and fluff for weaving. Very delicate designs are used for the texture of this carpet.

An investigation to the art, culture, and history of Iranian carpets

the art and culture of Iranian carpets, join us. The history of Iranian carpets is very rich. The art of carpet weaving is one of the oldest and most original arts that has many masters among  Iranians.


Iran is one of the countries that are famous for producing different types of carpets. The high quality of woven carpets in this country, the beauty of its designs, and the patterns have made Iranian carpets very popular all over the world.


Iranian handmade carpets are very beautiful and the details in their texture are very important. The variety of carpet textures, both in terms of design and raw material, is very high in Iran.


You can make carpets with the raw materials of wool, silk, cotton, fluff, and … . The patterns and designs used for carpet weaving in Iran are traditional and rich in the culture of this country.


In many parts of the country, historical events are used to show the glory of the art and culture of Iranian carpets. Historical and natural events have a great impact on the texture of Iranian carpets.