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Introduction to Altin Carpet Company

Iranian handmade carpet is one of the most popular, beautiful and popular handmade carpets in the whole world. Iranian carpet has gained a lot of fans all over the world.


So that in some cases, some people who live outside of Iran travel to Iran and visit the handmade carpets of Altin Carpet Company and buy from them.

Iranian carpets have different types and designs. These carpets have beautiful and traditional designs. That is why the Iranian carpet of Tabriz has many fans among the people. 


These carpets have unique features and beauty. This variety of designs and colors makes many people around the world buy and use Iranian carpets.


The history of Iranian carpets, especially Iranian handmade carpets, is very long and rich. 


The art of weaving handmade carpets or the art and culture of carpet weaving is one of the oldest and most original arts that has very prestigious and famous masters and elders among Iranians.

Iran is one of the major exporters of handmade carpets and many companies are active in this field.



Altin Carpet Company is the only company that has been able to record the Guinness record in the field of producing the largest carpet in the world. 



The high quality of the handmade carpets produced by this company and its designs and patterns have made Iranian carpets very popular all over the world. This is the reason why Iran is one of the famous countries in this field.

Iranian companies active in the field of carpet production

One of the companies producing handmade carpets is Altin Carpet Company. This company produces Iranian carpets using new weaving machines and skilled workers. 



The carpets produced by this company have a great variety of colors and designs. This variety of products in Altin Carpet Company leaves buyers free to choose the product. 



The company has many customers at home and abroad due to its high efficiency.

Altin Carpet Company is very popular among those who are interested in buying Iranian handmade carpets due to their quality, fineness and suitable density of products. 



Another reason that can lead customers to buy various Iranian handmade carpets to Altin Carpet Company is the very strong support and online services of this company.

You can contact the support of Altin Carpet Company in different ways, raise your problems and questions. For example, if you have questions about the company’s carpets, you can ask your question with the company’s consultants through WhatsApp. 


Experts will answer your question and problem as soon as possible. Customer orientation and after-sales service to choose the right carpet and quality assurance, are the principles and goals of Altin Carpet Company.

Altin Carpet Company, as a supplier of Iranian handmade carpets, has a duty to offer you the highest quality products so that you can buy amazing and quality products. .


Iranian hand-woven carpets have a very beautiful design and pattern. Details are very important in the texture of Iranian carpets. 


The quality of carpet texture is very important in terms of design and raw materials in Iran and has a lot of variety. The various patterns used for carpet weaving in Iran are derived from the tradition and culture of Iran.

In the texture of many Tabriz carpets, historical events are used to show the greatness and glory of Iranian culture. 


Tabriz handmade carpet is one of the most popular Iranian handmade carpets that has its own unique features. These types of carpets have various and traditional designs and colors. The texture of these carpets is delicate and has various and unique designs.

Management and scope of activity of Altin Carpet Company

Altin Carpet Company, under the management of Mr. Mansour Alipour, has been producing Iranian handmade carpets for more than 25 years.



The company supports domestic and foreign markets and strives to export its products to the whole world. The company’s customer-oriented strategies for producing handmade carpets have caused it to have a lot of fans.

The company’s products are often reasonably priced and competitive. Another thing that makes this company very popular all over the world is that it often delivers its orders to its customers on time and with very stylish packaging. 

During her visit to Tabriz, Ms. Ghada Hijavi, Director of Asia carpets -Pacific World Handicrafts Council, visited Tabriz carpet factories, especially the company’s large workshops, and observed the quality and variety of Tabriz carpets and chose Tabriz as the world carpet capital. 

Altin Fars Company has played a very important role in this great honor for Iran and the city of Tabriz.