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Kerman carpet

Kerman carpet is one of the oldest woven carpets in Iran, which uses raw materials such as silk, wool, and fluff for weaving. Join us in this text to get acquainted with some of the most important features of this type of carpet.

One of the most exquisite Iranian hand-woven carpets is the Kerman carpet. Kerman province is a crop in a dry region and among several mountain ranges, and this issue causes water shortage in this mountainous region and sanding. 


As a result, the people of Kerman are more engaged in the art of carpet weaving than agriculture. In the texture of this carpet, high-quality sheep wool is used and the type of weaving and different types of Kerman carpet designs are different and different from other regions of Iran.

The art of carpet weaving in Kerman province dates back to the distant past before the Safavid era. The carpet of this region, like other parts of Iran, has faced many ups and downs. 

Different economic conditions, paying attention or not paying attention to art in different eras and wars have caused Kerman carpets to experience many ups and downs.

During the Safavid period, due to the attention of Safavid kings to art, the Kerman carpet also reached its peak; But during the Qajar period, it faced a decline. With all the ups and downs in this art of Kermani industry, now the name of Kerman is synonymous with the carpet of this city and has many fans all over the world.

In Kerman carpet weaving, three types of wefts are used among the ridges. In other parts of Iran, two types of thick and thin wefts are often used among the ridges. But the feature of the Kerman region carpet is the use of three wefts, including two thick wefts and a thin weft in its texture.

In the weaving of original hand-woven carpets, two types of Persian and Turkish knots are used in the weaving of hand-woven carpets, each of which creates a special feature in the carpet. Carpets woven with Persian knots are bare and soft and carpets woven with Turkish knots have a stronger texture.


Of course, both Turkish and Persian knots offer good quality texture; But what knot is used in carpet weaving depends on the region and the taste of the carpet weavers in that region.

The characteristic of the Kerman carpet in the type of knot includes the use of Persian knots in urban areas and Turkish knots in rural areas. 


It should not be forgotten that the feature of the Kerman carpet is its originality and the use of original Turkish and Persian knots.


At present, in some areas, fake pair knots and non-knitting (buckling) knots have also become popular. These types of knots increase the speed of the tissue, But it drastically reduces the quality of work.


In Kerman carpet weaving, wool is used for lint and cotton yarn is used for warp and weft. Wool is a local type that has durability, high quality, and a silky and transparent state.

The feature of the Kerman carpet compared to carpets of other regions of Iran is its interesting designs. This issue has made this carpet special and has brought it worldwide fame. 


Kerman carpet designs that are more popular today, include grape clusters, pots, trees, grass growers, beet leaves, thirty-three bridges, Quranic frame, bergamot elastic, shrubs, flowers, goblins, hunting grounds, sprinklers, The armband is brick and ….

Each type of Kerman carpet design reflects the artistic taste of the weavers of this region and is a sign of strength, courage, temperament, and various events that the people of this region have gone through throughout history. 


Of course, in this regard, it should be mentioned that the types of carpet designs in this region have been influenced by Isfahani carpet designs such as Shah Abbasi and Sheikh Safi. So that most weavers in carpet weaving use these designs.

What has made the Kerman carpet beautiful and special in everyone’s eyes, in addition to paying attention to its design and color, is the high variety of carpet dimensions.


So from small rugs to large rugs, 47 meters can be seen among the carpets of Kerman texture. This issue leaves the buyers free to choose the carpet and can easily choose the right option.

Variety of colors

Types of Kerman carpet designs along with various colors used in its texture, cause the wide variety of this carpet. It can be said that one of the reasons for the fame and popularity of this carpet is the variety of colors and the use of plant colors in the dyeing of cream carpets.

In the carpet of this region, more than 15 colors and even up to 30 colors are usually used. For this reason, this high variety of colors has made the carpet of this region one of the happiest and most diverse carpets in Iran.


Dark and light green, pink, crimson, light and dark blue, and light and dark lacquer are among the most important colors used in Kerman carpet cream dyeing.