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Qom carpet

Qom, carpet

The elegance and artistic texture of the Qom carpet are world-famous. In the past, carpet weaving was one of the most important industries among Iranians, so a large number of nomadic and rural women in different parts of the country have been active in this industry. 



Qom is one of the prominent cities in the field of carpet weaving. Currently, this city is considered one of the important centers of carpet weaving in this field.

In the past, the city did not have access to quality raw materials for the production of handmade carpets. This led to the weaving of high-thickness carpets, coarse textures, and unsuitable rugs.


But over time, with changes in this area, more attention to the artistic carpet weaving industry and changes in raw materials, and improving its quality, now one of the important centers in carpet weaving should be considered the city of Qom and Qom carpet.

Due to this issue, in this article, we try to provide you with information about the Qom carpet and its unique features.

As it was mentioned, in the beginning, Qom carpet was not of good quality; But over time, with the right attitude towards this industry, carpets of this area have become one of the most exquisite carpets with beautiful and raised patterns.

At present, carpet weaving in Iran is done in different cities such as Tabriz, Kerman, Isfahan, and …; But an expert in the field of hand-woven carpets is well aware that behind these carpets, knots or warp and weft were placed together in an irregular manner, which reduces the quality of carpets in these areas. 



But by looking at the Qom carpet, such problems will not be seen on the carpet. As far as you can imagine, the carpet is woven by machine completely without the intervention of hands.

The high width of the knot in the carpet of this area

In general, two types of Turkish weave knots and Persian weave knots are used in carpet weaving, and Qom carpet rises in the knot with the Persian weave method.


The density of knots in the Qom carpet is very small, so in each square meter up to one million knots are woven in the carpet to form patterns. Also, this range of knots can be used only in silk carpet weaving, because silk yarn is much more delicate than wool yarn.



For weaving in each ridge, two thin and thick wefts are used. The thin fabric is also used in gray, blue, or beige, and in general, thin and thick fabric are both made of cotton yarn. 



On the other hand, the lint in the Qom carpet is quite short and this issue will make the carpet more delicate. Of course, the number of wefts also varies depending on the yarn used for the knots. 



If the carpet is woven with wool yarn, the lint is a little longer than when the carpet is woven with silk yarn.

For the texture of Qom carpet, plant, geometric, Shah Abbasi, bergamot elasticity, prohibitions, simple floor, flower garden, Susan al-Sultan, tree, hunting ground, and Bakhtiari mosaic are used.



Each of these designs is created according to a specific background and also observes different shapes in the carpet.

The use of various colors in Qom carpets has made them more beautiful. Of course, in the past, the color variety of this carpet was very limited.


 But with the evolution of designs of this type of carpet, attention to color variety also increased. So that currently Qom carpet is produced in 16 main colors.



These colors include light and dark lacquer, pea, gold, copper, light and dark blue, dark and light brown, crimson, and light and dark cream.



This range of color variations is expanding every day so that in some cities of Qom, carpets have recently been woven with 40 colors.



Some of these beautiful colors include tomato, gray, cyan, diamond blue, oil blue, olive, onion skin, camel, cedar, straw cream, and dark cinnamon.



This carpet is one of the most important carpets due to its high variety of colors, high quality of the map, very good and delicate texture, and great variety. Many countries, such as India, China, and Pakistan, emulate Qom carpet designs.

Concluding remarks

Carpet weaving has a long history in Qom; But for only a few decades, great importance has been given to the quality of the yarn and the design of this carpet. 

During this time, we have witnessed very beautiful and delicate carpets from this city; So that high count is one of its features. In the end, it should be said that the Qom carpet is a carpet with originality and its most important feature is the high elegance in its texture.