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How do decorate homes with luxurious Iranian handmade carpets?

luxurious Iranian handmade carpet

The luxurious Iranian handmade carpet is the warmth of modern homes with its unique patterns and designs that gives a lot of Intimate energy to the space. Currently, Iranian handmade carpets are very popular all over the world and have a special place in home decoration.

It is possible to use Iranian handmade carpets in all homes, from the warm and intimate decorations of summer houses to the simple and cold decoration of minimal urban and modern houses.

In modern homes, luxurious Iranian handmade carpets can be easily used. You can combine it with other elements of luxury decoration with a little creativity.

Different types of Altin Iranian handmade carpets are woven from first-class and luxurious raw materials. Therefore they create an extraordinary soft feeling underfoot. 


Iranian handmade carpets are given priority over machine-made carpets both in terms of quality and beauty.

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What points should be considered in designing decoration with Iranian carpets?


In designing and decorating luxurious Iranian handmade carpets, it is better to consider the harmony of color and design.



For example, if you want to add Persian carpets to modern decoration, use neutral colors or a combination of colors from a color spectrum. 



Match the color and design of the furniture with the carpet and do not be afraid to combine the colors and patterns of the carpet with different decorations. 



If the Iranian carpet is much patterned, try to choose simple designs and monochrome colors for curtains and furniture.

If you plan to use wallpaper or paint the wall, choose a rug with a contrasting design and color. 


For example, if the carpet has an intricate pattern, choose wallpaper or wall paint in a simple color without a pattern. If the color of the carpet is red, the best color for the wall is light blue, cream, or any other contrasting or neutral color.

Usage of Persian carpets in decoration

Using an original luxurious Iranian handmade carpet with beautiful patterns as a canvas gives a very beautiful effect to your home decoration and caresses the eyes of viewers.


If you lay the carpet on the floor, it is better to have complex and multicolored designs. If you hang the carpet on the wall like a painting, it is better to choose some designs from nature or flowers.


For a better look at the luxurious Iranian handmade carpet, do not put anything on the carpet as much as possible. But tables are one of the exceptions that can be placed on the carpet in our decoration.

How to style your home with Altin Carpet?

The Altin Carpet Company has an exquisite collection of luxurious Iranian handmade carpets that you can use in the decoration of different areas of your home. 



In this way, make your home stylish and luxurious by using the following designs and tricks.

The living room is a place where family members and guests gather and engage in conversations and daily activities. Therefore, the layout of the living room in the house is very important. 



Because there is a lot of traffic in the living room, high durability is often one of the concerns of carpet selection.

The Altin luxurious Iranian handmade carpet, in addition to beautiful designs and colors, is very durable.


This is one of the advantages of Iranian carpet that is woven in different sizes and is suitable for large and small living rooms. For more effect, do not carpet the whole room so that parts of the carpet are visible.


In the large living room, you can place the sofas around the carpet and on the floor. So there is only a small part of the carpet under the sofa.

What do you know about Iranian handmade carpet?

In the modern house, the luxurious Iranian handmade carpet can be placed in front of the TV table or decorative fireplace.

This increases the sense of intimacy of the space. When using Iranian handmade rugs in modern living room decoration, you do not necessarily have to follow the rectangular shape of the rug and place it in the length or width of the hall.

You can be creative and spread the carpet on the floor in different shapes.

Iranian carpet

What carpets should we use in small places?

Carpets with simple designs, coarse textures, and bright colors are the best choice for low-environments. The Altin Company also has luxurious Iranian handmade carpets for the luxurious decoration of small spaces.


The use of Persian handmade carpets with delicate designs in small houses makes the house look smaller. So be careful in choosing the color and patterns of Iranian carpets in interior decoration.

Kitchens do not have much space, so you should place small carpets such as rugs. Persian rugs can be spread on the floor of modern kitchens. 

Combining the modern design of the kitchen with the feeling of nostalgia for the Persian carpet becomes very beautiful and turns it into a stylish and beautiful Iranian kitchen.