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The largest carpet in the world

Where is the largest carpet in the world?

It has always been a thrill to do great things and record them in the Guinness Book. What could be more exciting than weaving the largest carpet in the world?

 A rug whose length and width are indescribable and the colors are tied in a way in its design that makes any viewer stare! What do you know about the largest carpet in the world and its features?

How many meters was the largest carpet you have ever seen?

Carpet handmade

Guinness record: The largest hand-woven carpet in the world!

The largest carpet in the world has many meanings. In other words, weaving the largest carpet in the world does not end with just registering it in the Guinness World Record Book. 


There are many meanings and purposes behind weaving and registering a huge carpet as the largest carpet in the world.

With weaving of the largest carpet in the world:

  • Carpet-weaving is known as one of the most beautiful arts in the world
  • The art of carpet weaving remains immortal
  • Culture and art are preserved in the fabric of the carpet
  • Many people get acquainted with the art of carpet weaving and become interested in it

Of course, designing and weaving the largest integrated hand-woven carpet in the world solves only a small part of these problems. Carpet weavers always keep the art of carpet weaving alive at all times and do not allow this important thing to be forgotten.


The most interesting thing about the largest integrated carpet is hand-woven. Suppose a long carpet loom that dozens of carpet weavers are trying to prepare it.


Do you know where the biggest handmade carpet in the world is? Do you know the features?

Where is the largest carpet in the world?

Tabriz carpet weavers weave the largest hand-woven carpet in the world. Currently, this beautiful and large carpet is located in the city of Tabriz. 


People who want to visit the world’s largest carpet should be in touch with the relevant people. Because seeing the largest carpet in the world is only possible under certain conditions and occasions.

A large company helps weave the largest carpet called “Altin Carpet.” This collection leads all steps related to preparing this large carpet. Many things have been considered in the texture of this carpet. 


Also, it has been tried to structure the rug to show the art of carpet weaving in Tabriz in an extraordinary way.

Weaving the largest carpet in the world has its concerns and problems. Because weaving such a carpet takes years. 


Preparing suitable environmental conditions for the carpet loom, maintaining the woven parts of the rug, avoiding possible occurrences for the rug, finding experts, etc., are among the problems that Altin Carpet Company has faced. 


The largest integrated hand-woven carpet is now open to the public despite such issues.

This carpet was unveiled in 2019.

the world's largest carpet features

If you are looking forward to knowing the largest carpet in the world, read on. In this article, we want to make you more familiar with the features of the largest carpet in the world so that you can be more fascinated by it.

The features of the largest carpet in the world are as follows:

  • Its area is 2 thousand square meters
  • This carpet consists of four pairs of rugs in the dimensions of 400 and 600 square meters
  • All 4 carpets can be fastened to each other
  • Its weaving has lasted for 7 years
  • Two hundred thirty masters were involved in weaving it. They have worked tirelessly to weave this carpet
  • 80% of this carpet is made of silk, and 20% of it is fluffy
  • One billion and one hundred million Turkish knots are used in it
  • 87 types of colors can be identified in it in different spectrums
  • It weighs three tons

Altin Carpet Company of Tabriz is one of the largest carpet companies in this city. This company does a lot of things to immortalize the original Tabriz carpet. 


One of the smallest things the company has done in this direction is weaving the largest carpet in the world. The purpose of weaving this carpet is not only because the company’s name is known. 


Rather, all the people in this collection intend to keep the name of the Tabriz carpet alive. Because immortalizing the Tabriz carpet is not possible only in speaking. 


Just as the mat itself is a physical object, so is its immortality only when it remains the same and is passed on to future generations.

Altin Carpet Company of Tabriz does a lot of work in the same direction. 


The construction of numerous carpet weaving workshops and helping the development of small carpet weavers is one of the series of actions of Tabriz Altin Carpet in supporting this art.


As long as the Altin carpet remains, everyone will remember the Tabriz carpet.