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Kashan Carpet

What do you know about Kashan carpet?

Kashan carpet is one of the oldest woven carpets in Iran, which uses raw materials such as silk, wool, and fluff for weaving. Very delicate designs are used for the texture of this carpet. 


These precious carpets are  made in Kashan, a city in Iran. To learn more about this city and  this art read the whole text.


The history of Kashan and Kashan carpet

The city of Kashan is located in the center of  Iran, in Isfahan province. It is approximately 250 kilometers far away from Tehran, the capital of Iran. 


Kashan is known as one of the oldest cities of Iran. According to the investigations in Tapeye Silk, an ancient area made of a series of hills near the city, Kashan dates back to 6000 BC. 


The city is mainly dry and surrounded by deserts, so there is not many grasslands near Kashan. Yet in art the city is rich. 


Many precious fabrics like velvet, silk, Atlas and handmade rugs and carpets have been producing in Kashan and been sending around the world from the past until now.

The pattern of Torang in Kashan carpet

Among these souvenirs, Kashan carpet is still popular. Some of these handmade carpets dated back to the Safavid dynasty, are now kept in museums in Europe. 


Today carpets in Kashan are produced both by hand and machines. Weaving handmade rugs and carpets is a trade consisted of many processes 


which make job opportunities for residents, including weaving, which is usually done by women, shearing of the sheep and dying of the wool, which is done by men, design and loom set up. 


The wool used in Kashan carpet is not usually from Kashan. Since  the city is placed in an area surrounded by deserts, there is not good source for local materials. 


In the past, Merino wool used in finest Kashan rugs originally hailed from England or wool from Sabzevar was used in carpets. 


Carpets and rugs of high quality are still produced in Kashan and has their own lovers. There has to be some reasons for this popularity. So let’s learn more about them.

Kashan carpet's structure and features

Kashan carpet is mainly made of wool. The foundation (wrap and weft) in most carpets is cotton. But in the finest rugs with the delicatest designs, silk is used. 


Kashan rug’s main feature is tiny and delicate knots that make the patterns look prominent, and of course the velvet surface of rug which is obviously the result of using Merino wool. 


In pattern, Kashan carpet is very rich. There are some famous patterns which might be familiar to the most Persian rug lovers, like Torang, Afshan and Kheshti.

The pattern of Afshan in Kashan carpet

Patterns Carpet in Iran

Torang City: 

The most famous pattern among Kashan carpets is Torang. It consists of a Medallion design in  the center and thick border around the rug. 


Also, There are symmetrical designs and ornaments in each four parts of the rug that are all around the Mehrab (the Medallion design in the center). 


Torang pattern is inspired by Persian architecture. All flowers in border reflect the gardens in traditional Persian houses, where was a place to gather the family. 


It is said that the Medallion design in the center of carpet reflects Hoz (A pool in traditional Persian houses that is usually made in a shape of circle in the middle of gardens).




Afshan City

The pattern of Afshan came later. This pattern emerged by some changes in Torang. In rugs with the pattern of Afshan, there is border.


All around the rug as well, but the difference is that there is no flower and design in border and Mehrab in the center is eliminated. 


Instead, the texture inside the border is full of floral designs and ornaments with ivies end in another flower.




Kheshti City: 

the latest pattern in Kashan carpet is Kheshti. In this pattern, there are small rectangles all over the texture. Each rectangle has a different design inside. The whole design is not symmetrical at all. 


In fact, the elegance of this pattern depends on the diversity of designs and ornaments inside the rectangles.

These patterns are the main ones that Kashan carpets are known for. 


There are other patterns  as well, that have been made by combining these three

The end word

Persian handmade carpet is one of the most popular and beautiful carpets that have their fans all over the world. These carpets have unique features and this has made many people around the world buy them. 



Many cities in Iran are known for their handmade carpets. Each carpet in each city has its own features that make it unique. Kashan carpet is only one of them which you learnt about. 



There is also Kerman carpet, Qom carpet and Tabriz carpet among Persian carpets that you can learn about them on our website. Altin Carpet team will help you to choose the best.